Wellbeing Resources

At QMC the wellbeing of our students is always a priority. We have collated some informative resources to help parents.

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Our wonderful Dean group supports their students through any academic or wellbeing needs providing outstanding guidance for all the students in their year group. They appreciate hearing from parents to ensure they can provide the best support possible.

If you would like to contact your daughter's Dean, please find their details below.

Year 7 & 8 Natasha Selkirk natasha.selkirk@qmc.school.nz
Year 9 Anna Faulknor anna.faulknor@qmc.school.nz
Year 10 Lauren Johns lauren.johns@qmc.school.nz
Year 11 Charlotte Goodin charlotte.goodin@qmc.school.nz
Year 12 Florence Hamon florence.hamon@qmc.school.nz
Year 13 Coralie Morrison coralie.morrison@qmc.school.nz
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Cyber Safety

Cyber safety for students is about being aware of potential risks online, such as cyber bullying, malware, and scams.

Visit Netsafe here

Student Mobile Phones

Mobile phones, wearable devices and headphones are not to be used during the school day or at school events. We ask students to leave these at home, or switch to silent mode and leave them in their locked lockers. Significant research shows that limiting phone use during school hours promotes positive academic and wellbeing outcomes. Not only are students more engaged in their learning, but it also encourages healthy social interactions.

Dangerous Items

As per our school policy, we must ensure we keep our families informed about items we deem to be prohibited at school or at school events. We understand that our school community and the public expects us to provide an environment free from alcohol and drugs, and weapons.

                  Prohibited items include:

                  Knives, other weapons and weapon parts

                  Alcohol, drugs and substances

                  Cigarettes, cigarette lighters, and matches

                  Vaporisers (vapes) and vaping products

                  Pornographic or offensive material.

Teachers can request the surrender of items that they have reasonable ground to believe the items will:

                  Endanger safety

                  Detrimentally affect the learning environment

                  Be harmful

In the event a student surrenders an item in one of the categories above, be assured we would make immediate contact with you and talk next steps both in regards to the item and consequences for the student which would be based on the level of severity of the item. Be assured we always have the students’ wellbeing at the forefront of our actions.