Parent Speaker Series 2024

Queen Margaret College is delighted to offer our community and in particular, our parents and caregivers, a suite of comprehensive wellbeing sessions across the year.

Presented in the Auditorium, our 2024 Wellbeing Speaker Series, consists of three impactful sessions;

(Past event Term 1 - ‘Social Media and Mental Health: What do we know and what can we do?’)

(Past event Term 2 - ‘Overcoming Anxiety’)

Coming up: Term 3 - ‘Shifting the Frantic: Psychological skills to Cope with a Busy and Changing World’

Full Session Information

Term 3 - Wednesday 7 August (6:30pm - 8pm) QMC Auditorium

‘Shifting the Frantic: Psychological skills to Cope with a Busy and Changing World’

Hosted by special guest Dr Dougal Sutherland CEO Umbrella Wellbeing, Registered Clinical Psychologist, PhD, PGDipClinPsyc, BA(Hons),

Dougal Sutherland.jpg

Hear from Dr Dougal Sutherland on Shifting The Frantic: Mental Skills to Cope with a Busy and Changing World.

In our modern, hyper-connected, ‘always on’ world, many young people describe feeling constantly frantic, overwhelmed and as if they are constantly playing catch-up.

This mental overdrive often means it can be hard for young people to utilise well known time management strategies, manage stress, and/or complete school work productively.

In this session, we’ll look at the common factors behind the frantic and review practical strategies proved to increase your and your child’s experience of calm and control.

Session objectives:

  1. Shed light on the biological impact of being busy and addiction effect that can subsequently occur.
  2. Identify the benefits for you and your child of reducing the frantic.
  3. Highlight ideas, innovations and strategies known to help manage the frantic.
  4. Start your planning with your child or children on how to turn ‘good ideas’ into habits.