Choosing the right school for your daughter is the single greatest investment in her future.

We believe every student deserves the opportunity to excel with a Queen Margaret education. We offer some flexible payment options and a limited amount of scholarships to support students’ journey.

Queen Margaret College is a registered charity. All school fees go back to the school and students and fund daily operations.

Enrolment Fee

$180 payable on application.

Acceptance Fee

$460 payable on acceptance of place.

Payment options

See our flexible payment options.

Payment options

The following fees information is for domestic students only. Please click here for international student fees.


Preschool Fees Weekly Fees (20 hours free ECE) Weekly Full Fees
School Day (7.30am - 2.45pm) $258 $487
Extended Day (7.30am - 5.30pm) $325 $554
Casual Rate (2.45pm - 5.30pm) $25 per day  
Scale of Fees from Year 1 to Year 6  
Tuition Fees $3,451.74
Fees Protection Insurance* $56.95 @ 1.65%
Building Levy $250.00
IT Levy $125.00
GST (15%) $582.55
Total per term $4,466.24
Scale of Fees from Year 7 to Year 10  
Tuition Fees $4,530.48
Fees Protection Insurance $74.75 @ 1.65%
Building Levy $250.00
IT Levy $125.00
GST 15% $747.04
Total Per Term $5,727.27
Scale of Fees from Year 11 to Year 13  
Tuition Fees $4,662.20
Fees Protection Insurance* $76.93 @ 1.65%
Building Levy $250.00
IT Levy $125.00
GST (15%) $767.12
Total per term $5,881.25

* Fees Protection Insurance is a compulsory charge on all Tuition Fees. This provides for the continuation of tuition in the event of the death, terminal illness or permanent disability of either parent where they are both signatories to the Offer of Acceptance. If you are a non-parent fee payer, please contact Director Finance and Operations to ensure that your situation meets the criteria for coverage. Cover is extended to age 65.

QMC Community Fees Fees Per Term
QMC Foundation Trust Annual Giving $25
Parents' Association Levy $10
Old Girls' Association Levy (Year 9 - 13) $12.50


Queen Margaret House  Cost (NZD)
Boarding Deposit (not applicable for international students)  $1,000*
Full-time Boarders $4,612.50 (per term) / $18,450 (annually)
Five-day Boarders (not applicable for international students) $4,230 (per term)
Holiday Homestay Fee (If applicable) $2,800**
Flexi-boarding (space depending) $500 (per week)


*This is non-refundable, but will be deducted from Boarding fees once the student has fully enrolled.

**Fixed annual fee which covers 7 weeks of term holidays. Any additional homestays (eg. QMH closures for Easter or long weekends) will incur an extra charge. 

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