Year 6 Set up for Success

Set up for Success

Starting at Queen Margaret College in Year 6 is a fantastic opportunity for your daughter to get a head start on Year 7.

From Term 4 of 2023 QMC has a transition mode specifically tailored to give Year 6 students a stronger foundation for success in Year 7. This initiative ensures a seamless transition into the challenges and opportunities that Year 7 can present.

In Year 6, students will spend alternate weeks in the senior school, allowing them to become familiar with new classrooms, routines, and the expectations of being a Year 7 student. Importantly, they will remain with their current and specialist teachers, who will continue to deliver the Year 6 curriculum. This approach is designed to make your daughter enthusiastic and confident about embarking on their Year 7 academic journey the following year. Getting to know staff and fellow Year 6 students in advance will help ease any potential anxiety when transitioning to Year 7.

The enhanced educational experience offered by this transition term will not only help students adapt to the senior school environment but will also contribute significantly to their overall growth and wellbeing. It's a step towards a successful transition into Year 7 and a wonderful opportunity for your child.

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