The Middle Years Programme encourages independence in learning, asking girls to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.

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Achieving excellence

We offer a number of programmes for students with learning strengths and difficulties.

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Year 7-10 PATs - What Parents Need To Know Webinar

This webinar was designed to help you better understand your child's PAT (Progressive Achievement Test) results and their significance within the context of Queen Margaret College.

Amanda Kitiona, Head of Learning Enrichment and Beatrix Marrero, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, provide insights into what the PAT results signify and how they are utilised at QMC. As well as how our PAT average bands compare with the national PAT average bands in New Zealand, giving you a broader perspective on your child's performance.

Additionally, they discuss the purpose of these assessments and their role in tracking progress and identifying areas where students may require additional support or extension. Our goal is for parents to come away from this webinar with a clear understanding of their child's PAT results and their significance within our educational framework.

Watch it below!

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