Setting Direction

Providing strategic leadership to navigate the future of our College.


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Helping to build the future of Queen Margaret College.

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Lynne Dovey.jpg

Board Co-chair

Lynne Dovey

Tim Power.jpg

Board Co-chair

Tim Power

Odette Frost-Kruse.jpg

Old Girls' Association Nominee

Odette Frost

Jane Ball .jpg

Old Girls' Association Nominee

Jane Ball

668x1002 Rachel.png

Board Trustee

Rachel Taulelei

Alana Bickenell .jpg

Parents' Association President

Alana Bicknell

Sarah Burke.jpg

Board Trustee

Sarah Burke

Simon Law.jpg

Board Trustee

Simon Law

John Young.jpg

Board Trustee

John Young

Nicki Nicol.jpg

Board Trustee

Nicki Nicol

Sarah Taylor.jpg

Parents Association Nominee

Sarah Taylor

The Strategic Plan outlines the Board's vision, values and purpose.