IT & Laptop devices

The College IT Office is open daily from 8am–4pm.

Our IT staff are on-hand to support with connection issues and printing support but are unable to perform hardware repairs. If you wish to contact our ICT Centre, please contact

Laptop Requirements

Due to the requirements of certain courses, QMC recommends that students’ laptops meet certain specifications to ensure they function effectively.

Laptop Recommendations

Laptops that are recommended by QMC can be purchased through our IT partner, Cyclone. Please click here to view the suitable options.

Username: qmc
Password: qmcbyod

Student responsibilities

Students’ should be aware of the expectations that come with using laptops. These responsibilities include:

  • Bringing their laptop to school every day
  • Ensuring that their laptop is fully charged each morning (The are no charging stations on-site).
  • Understand internet safety, ethics and responsible digital citizenship, which will be addressed throughout each year.


Parents and caregivers should ensure that devices are covered under their home insurance arrangements. Students should have their own padlock (for their lockers), and all students and parents must read and sign the College’s Network Acceptable Usage Policy.

Student mobile phones

Mobile phones, wearable devices and headphones are not to be used during the school day or at school events. We ask students to leave these at home, or switch to silent mode and leave them in their locked lockers. Significant research shows that limiting phone use during school hours promotes positive academic and wellbeing outcomes. Not only are students more engaged in their learning, but it also encourages healthy social interactions.