Learning Enrichment and Accelerate Programme

LEAP provides students with opportunities for self-fulfilment through the development of creative and collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking and evaluation skills.

Our LEAP programme is available for students in Years 1-13. The programme is for students who want to challenge their abilities outside of the classroom through a range of activities and competitions.

World Scholar’s Cup

Year 7-9 students are brought together to discuss issues and ideas relevant to today. It is an opportunity for students to challenge themselves in a range of academic disciplines. The competition takes place over two days and involves debating, collaborative writing, solving analytic questions and multimedia challenges. Preparation involves students developing research, debating and writing skills.

Ethics Olympiad

This programme is available for students in Years 9 -13 and promotes respectful, creative and rigorous discussion of ethics among students across school communities. Learning culminates in an annual competition between student teams from participating schools. Students are involved in three Ethics Olympiad heats where they are assessed against criteria which rewards clear, respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases.

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