IT and Laptop requirements

Laptop Recommendations

  • i5 Processor (minimum), 8 gigs of Ram (absolute minimum).
  • Operating System – Windows 10 or Mac v10.14 and above
  • Not suitable: Chromebooks and laptops with eMMC storage due to major software limitations.
  • Must have a battery life which is sustainable for the whole school day (five to six hours).
  • IT must be able to access an account with administrator rights. This enables subject specific software to be installed while in class or at school as needed (such as, MuseScore, Notepad++, Lego Mindstorm etc.). Students are welcome to have administrator access; but if you don’t feel comfortable with them having those rights then IT must be able to access something.

iPad/Tablet Recommendations

  • Minimum 10″ screen – no iPad Minis
  • Must include an external keyboard that can be attached or used with the device to allow full use of the screen.

Note: Tablet devices such as iPads without a full operating system are not guaranteed to be suitable from Year 7 onwards as there are limitations regarding their suitability in certain subjects, eg:, Digital Technology, or Mathematics and Science which require spreadsheet software.