Life Education at QMC

Hobson Street was flooded with the colour pink today as students participated in ‘Pink Shirt Day’, which is about working together to take a stand against bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting kindness and inclusivity.

Year 4 visited the Life Education Van this morning and were thrilled to find that even Harold was adorned in his finest pink attire. During their visit, the girls learned all about what it means to have a balanced diet and how different types of food can have different effects on our body. Some of our parent community might even remember visiting Harold when they were in school (he has been around since the eighties).

We can report that Harold’s production value has certainly been on the rise – the girls were treated to a light show and even a karaoke rap about eating healthy.

Thanks for visiting Harold. And well done on the pink shirts, QMC!

Year 1-6 Life education.jpg