Celebrating IB Excellence

QMC is renowned for academic excellence in the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) offered to Years 1-13. After receiving an outstanding result from our Five-Year IB Review, we are confident we will continue our success in providing leading education and creating passionate life-long learners.

"There is a strong understanding of, and commitment to, the principles of an IB education, from governance to classroom level, a genuine willingness to grow and develop holistically, and a professional and honest approach to all aspects of college life."

IBO Report 2021


Primary Years Programme Commendations 

  •  The PYP team for embedding the IB learner profile in the college's environment and programme. 
  • The college for promoting students' awareness of individual, local, national and world issues through explicit links with central ideas and lines of inquiry in the programme of inquiry.
  • Students have voice, choice and ownership of their learning fostered by a relationship between the teacher and students predicted on a learning partnership. 
  • Students actively engage in assessing and reflecting on their learning, acting on feedback to feed-forward to their next steps in learning.


Middle Years Programme Commendations 

  • The MYP team for optimising use of resources and the college's location to enhance the curriculumn with opportunities to promote students' awareness of individual, local, national and world issues.
  • The MYP team for nurturing a respectful learning environment based on understanding and respect. 
  • MYP teachers for supporting students in becoming actively responsible for their own learning. 
  • The college for closely analysing assessment data to strengthen pedagogical practices. 
  • Findings of the team: Documentation provided by the college and conversations with the pedagogical leadership team and MYP teachers described how the college has engaged in extensive analysis of assessment data and has actively used that data to enhance the teaching and learning practices.


Diploma Programme Commendations 

  • The DP team for promoting students' awareness of individual, local, national and world issues through planned projects, local and global learning experiences and subject content.
  • During class visits it was observed that students are given opportunities to inquire into authentic source documents through the lens of the IB core such as the Learner Profile. Students were encouraged to interrogate the content and make connections between their current and prior learning through critical thinking skills. In conversations with parents, it was evident that they feel their children are challenged to think critically about learning and their place in the world.
  • The teachers for their consistent implementation of classroom practices aimed at developing critical thinking.
  • Examples of students actively taking responsibility for their own learning outside of the classroom:
  • During a class visit, a pair of students revealed how they created a magazine on domestic violence within New Zealand for a community project and successfully distributed the magazine to all schools in New Zealand with the support of the QMC community. The pair continued to produce two additional publications covering human trafficking and modern day slavery and are currently working on their next issue.
  • Students shared examples of learning extension opportunities across multiple subjects such as workshops, tutorials and activities where students and teachers volunteeringly offered their time and dedication. 
  • Teachers revealed how students are encouraged to set goals and learning objectives to help them reflect and track their progress throughout the year. 
  • The DP teachers for their support and focus in developing students as independent learners.
  • The college for the systems and channels in place to develop teaching and learning that includes student voice and transparent communication. The teachers for modelling and instilling a demonstratable passion for learning. 
  • Findings of the team: The team observed a climate of respect between teachers and students as well as interactions between students. Parents also commented how the college develops their daughters as caring respectful young citizens. Teachers stated teaching at the college was a joy because of the students' respect and engagement. 


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