Campus Development Plan

Progressive, it’s our tradition, our foundation and our future.

The Board of Governors has been expanding and modernising the campus since Queen Margaret College was established in 1919. The most recent addition was Queen Margaret House which opened in 2018. It is our intention that over the next 20 years we will deliver further modernisation, which will ensure our campus continues to be future fit.

The Board wants to provide the College with phased development, the specific focus being on continuing innovative learning and wellbeing, for which the College is already recognised.

This development programme signifies the College's commitment to continuous enhancement that delivers superior education outcomes and experiences for our ākonga, parents, staff and the wider community.

We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you and our wider community.

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A New Library, the Heart of the School Again

The first stage of our development plan will see the transformation of the current Library into an versatile and dynamic space capable of supporting a wide range of 21st century learning activities. The new QMC library will be the centerpiece of the school once again, an active learning common space where students and teachers gather to research, learn, plan, design, create and collaborate.

Construction of the library stage is due to commence end 2023, to be completed mid 2024. Additional campus development will follow.

"No longer will the library just be a place that is dominated by shelves of books where students go for quiet study. It will be a modern environment that represents the heart of our QMC community and factors that matter to us such as sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint" says Mia Moon (Year 13 Sustainability Prefect) who has been leading the student consultation throughout the design phase, alongside a wider stakeholder advisory group.

The library will also provide a new home for a precious artifact of QMC history. A connection to the namesake, Queen Margaret of Scotland, known for her focus on education for girls, strength and conviction.

An artist's impressions of the new library environment below.

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20230501 QMC Library Preliminary Report 6.jpg