Performing Arts

Queen Margaret College encourages all girls to be involved in the Arts, not only as a creative outlet but also to enhance their learning and social development.

There is a wide range of performing arts opportunities offered for students of all ages and skills including the following:

  • Productions
  • House Performing Arts
  • Premier Choir
  • Queen Margaret Chorale
  • A number of choirs: Sweet Margaritas, Celesta, Cherubim and Princess Singers.
  • Instrumental groups: Orchestra, Honours Band, Stringendos, Banditas Band, a Rock Band and the Year 6 Band and String programmes.
  • Theatresports
  • Poly Club
  • Shakespeare Club
  • Primary Shakespeare Performance
  • Melodrama (House Drama)

We also have the ability to work with specialist teachers in instrumental music, singing and speech, dance and drama.

Our students regularly compete, perform and excel at regional and national levels at events such as the Regional Chamber Music Compeition, Wellington Regional Barbershop Competition, Rockquest, Wellington Regional Big Sing, Wellington Youth Orchestra and the Regional and National Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival.

There is also an adult choir, for parents, staff and other members of the QMC family, The Queens Singers.