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Tinkering with Toys

Junior School students created their own toys in Term 3.

Year 1 students made old fashioned toys as part of their Inquiry Learning in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

The Unit of Inquiry, Where We Are in Time and Place, saw the girls enlist the help of Queen Margaret College caretaker Alan Devine who worked with the girls to create the toys, including a glider plane and a racer car.

Year 1 Teacher Jane Harris says the girls asked Alan to help with their project.

“Alan came up to the Year 1 classroom to do concept drawings with them and talked about the toys they would need,” Jane explains.

“They had a session measuring out all of their parts for the toys and the paint they would use. Alan cut the pieces out in the workshop and the girls visited him to see the cut out wheels and body of the racers.”

Jane says the girls learnt a lot through their work in the inquiry process.

“The girls learnt how to use a tape measure and skip counted in sets of four to calculate the wheels they needed to draw on the wood,” she says.

Jane says the toys have been used in class and would continue to be a piece of classroom equipment.

In Term 4 the class will focus on the Sharing the Planet inquiry.

“We will work with the Property Team on creating our own planter boxes to grow some plants in,” Jane says.