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Published Artist

Year 7 Isla Athfield made her artistic debut in the Winter 2017 edition of youth magazine Toitoi.

Toitoi is a journal published quarterly celebrating the art and writing of school aged children around New Zealand.

Isla says she wanted to submit because it was a chance for her to share her ideas and a friend of hers had a story published in the journal previously.

“My friend Eva did it a couple of years ago so I thought I would give it a go.”

After applying to submit to Toitoi, Isla was given the opportunity to illustrate a story called The Undertaker.

“I really liked the story after reading it and I tried doing heaps of pictures around it. I probably had about five attempts and then the finished product was the one in the magazine,” Isla explains.

Isla’s illustrations are done with water colour paints, which she says is her favourite way to create.

“I really like using water colours. I usually do sketches and then I water colour them in.”

Isla says it was “pretty awesome” seeing her work in a magazine and she hopes to submit more work in the future.

“I want to be an artist or a designer when I grow up so it was cool seeing my work in print.”