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Passionate about design

Old Girl Phoebe Edge (née Johns) took her love of art and design and started her own business.

Phoebe Edge discovered her passion for design while studying at Queen Margaret College from 1991 to 1995

A proud member of Glamis, Phoebe was House Sports Captain in Year 12 and then Junior School Prefect in Year 13.

She enjoyed a mixture of subjects but particularly enjoyed Art and Art History.

“I loved the practical side of using different mediums and the study of different techniques,” Phoebe says.

Art History was very inspiring. It was all brought to life when I travelled around Europe later in life and saw some of the architecture and artworks we had studied.”

During her school years, Phoebe decided she wanted to become a graphic designer.

“I had a really incredible career evening, where professionals from various occupations came to talk to us. It was in Year 12 that I understood what I wanted to do and what skills I needed to go and do it,” she says.

After finishing secondary school, Phoebe went on a two month exchange to Japan with another QMC student before beginning a four year design course at the Whanganui School of Design.

She graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design with Honours, with Distinction.

Phoebe then moved to Auckland and worked as a graphic designer for three and a half years.

In 2003 she joined her husband and moved to the UK where they lived for three years, travelling and working around Europe and the US.

“Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work for a number of world class design agencies,” Phoebe says.

“I have worked on some incredible brands and done some amazing travel. This has taught me many things about how to be a business director and how to treat and not treat staff.”

After many years of hard work and discovering what she liked and didn’t like, Phoebe and her husband now run a successful digital agency called Plastic Studio, based in Wellington, helping businesses to grow their brands online.

“Working hard and good experience has taught me a lot about business and design,” she says.

Phoebe’s fondest memories of Queen Margaret College are of friendship, laughs and happy times.

“I made some life long friends at College. I think that it is amazing we were fortunate enough to establish connections and friendships that have endured.”

Her advice for current students is to follow their dreams and aim high because anything is possible.