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No Challenge Too Tough

Our senior students were pushed to the limit this year when they took part in the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge.

The Tough Guy and Gal Challenge is a series of off-road running events around New Zealand.

Our Year 12 and 13 NCEA Physical Education students took part in the Wellington competition as part of several NCEA Achievement Standards.

The Challenge was held in May at Camp Wainui and competitors were made to run through water trails, crawl under barb wire obstacles and tackle swamp crossings to name but a few.

HOD Physical Education Tarron Duffill says this was the first year the College has entered students and the girls did a great job with everyone completing the event.

“Many girls were pushed outside their comfort zones and found this event challenging and had to dig deep to get through,” she says.

Brooke Eddie finished first out of the Year 12 students and second overall for the over 16 year old category.

The most difficult part of the Challenge for Brooke was the hill aptly named Everest that the competitors had to climb and then run down on the other side.

“The name definitely did it justice. The hill was about 800m high and we needed a rope just to climb up – it seemed to go on forever.”

To prepare for this competition the students had to design an individual four week training programme.

“We also had to write a report on all the different methods of training we used and how that affected our performance,” Brooke says.

Brooke learnt many different methods and principles of training through the experience that she will be able to use in any sport she plays in the future.

“I also learnt that no matter how hard it gets to just keep going. I would definitely do it again.”