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Maths Superstars

Our Middle School students had excellent results in several Mathematics competitions this year.

Year 9 student Angelina Del Favero made her mark in Maths this year, achieving a result in the Top 30 nationally in the University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition.

Queen Margaret College entered 85 students from Year 9 to 11 in the competition this year.

Angelina is the first QMC student to make the Top 30 of the competition.

“I was extremely surprised when I was told this as I never thought that I would be able to get into the Top 30. I literally had to pinch myself to believe the news,” she says.

The mathematician says she achieved Merit in the competition last year as a Year 8 and this year aimed to be in the Top 200 nationwide.

Angelina is also currently completing NCEA Level 2 and says she enjoys Maths because the progression of learning is like “building blocks”.

“I love that age does not restrict your limits and that learning one topic when you are in one year leads to a more advanced version of that particular topic in the following year,” she says.

Her team also gained a top result in Mathswell and came 3rd in the annual Wellington competition.

The competition between high schools aims to promote maths in schools through rounds of problem solving.

The QMC Year 8 and Year 10 teams came 5th and 6th in their respective competitions.

Angelina says she is very pleased with the results of her team.

“I definitely feel extremely proud of my team as we all worked hard to perform well in the competition. I am also very happy that we were the only girls’ school to get a placing. Next year, if we start preparing earlier, I hope we can reach 2nd place,” she says.