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Materials students have the wow factor

Two Year 13 Materials Technology students had the opportunity for their garments to be on display in the windows of the Te Papa Store.

QMC students Jessica Mellsop and Minnie Bodman with their garments on display at Te Papa.
Jessica Mellsop and Minnie Bodman with their garments at Te Papa.

The display was a feature for the Te Papa’s Curious Creatures and Marvelous Monsters Exhibition. It was timed to coincide with the annual World of WearableArt Awards in Wellington.

Minnie Bodman and Jessica Mellsop spent all year working on the projects as their major assessment for their final year.

“We had to think about what a good design looked like. We made our garments look different but coordinated our ideas to make the display stand out ,” Minnie says.

Jessica created a dragon design and Minnie created a siren.

“My curious creature design was inspired by Greek mythological birds called sirens, who feather their nests and dress themselves in the objects they find,” Minnie explains.

“My siren creature wears deceptively beautiful materials but these easily discarded plastic materials and textiles are a reminder that humans need to take better care of our fragile environment.”

Jessica says one of her favourite moments after eight months of work was seeing the project come together at the end.

“It was the first time I had seen my piece as a whole, instead of in different pieces. I felt really proud that it had come together.”

The pair spent a day at the end of September putting their garments up on display at Te Papa.

“It felt really good to see my garment on display after the hard work that went into it,” Jessica says.

“It is such a good opportunity to display my passion and work in a public space. I am very proud of how my garment looks,” Minnie adds.