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Introducing our new uniform options

Zamantha Robinson, Maya Elmes and Zara Kant in the new uniform options with Principal Jayne-Ann Young.
Zamantha Robinson, Maya Elmes and Zara Kant in the new options with Principal Jayne-Ann Young.

Queen Margaret College is excited to announce the introduction of shorts and trousers to the Middle and Senior School uniform.

Students can choose to wear the school skirt, shorts or trousers with the rest of their full school uniform on any day of the week, at any time of the year.

The new pieces were created after students approached Principal Jayne-Ann Young last year wanting to see more uniform options that reflected the school’s diversity. QMC is proud to give our students choice in their uniform and we look forward to seeing students embrace the new options.

Year 7 student Zamantha Robinson was the first student to wear the new shorts to school. She says she likes wearing them because they are “comfy”.

“They are really good to wear in Wellington because of our windy weather. They are so much more convenient for running around and playing outside in. It’s a massive change to wear shorts,” she says.

Year 8 student Maya Elmes prefers the trousers.

“I quite like the pants because they still look like formal uniform,” she says.

Year 10 student Zara Kant says although she still prefers to wear the school skirt she is glad there are different options available.

“These changes allow students to choose what they want to wear.”

The shorts and trousers are available now through NZ Uniforms in store at 167 Thorndon Quay or online.