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High Performance Coaching

The QMC Hockey First XI flew to Australia this year for a high-performance training experience.

The team went on the highly-anticipated hockey tour in April and were joined by coaches Gail Donaldson and Troy Nicholson, manager Rhonda van der Wilt and Sports Director Deslea Wrathall.

The first four days were spent at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, where the girls trained with the U21 coach of the Australian Capital Territory State hockey side.

QMC Hockey Captain Estelle Macadre says the team learnt about recovery and nutrition, took a tour of institute and even had a recovery session in the recovery centre.

“The facility was amazing. It was such a good opportunity to be able to look into the lives of high performance athletes,” Estelle comments.

“We attended really interesting talks and also interacted with high performance athletes such as Tina Taseka who plays hockey for the Australian junior side.”

The students were lucky enough to watch the Australian women’s gymnastics team doing one of their practice sessions at the institute.

“It was extremely intense but so interesting to see how other codes work at such a high level,” Estelle says.

The remainder of the trip was spent in Melbourne where the girls explored the busy city, went to the MCG to watch the Richmond versus Melbourne game and visited Phillip Island to see the penguins.

While on tour the girls played a number of games against the U18 ACT Team, Footscray HC, Presbyterian Ladies School and Wesley Girls College, and won every game.

Estelle says it was a challenge playing against other countries because their style and structure of play was different.

“We learnt about how to play an opposition we were unfamiliar with and how to work through fatigue when playing games in a compressed amount of time,” she explains.

“We bonded really well as a team and it was a fun experience.”

The hockey season is well underway and the QMC First XI team are excited to bring what they have learnt to the regional competition this year.