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Trip Down Memory Lane

Alumnae from the class of 1993 returned to the College earlier this year to reconnect and reminisce about their former school days. Old Girl Nicola Nation describes the reunion below:

What began as banter on Facebook turned into a mini-reunion for the class of 1993, with 27 Old Girls catching up over Easter, almost 24 years after finishing our time at Queen Margaret College. 

We had class members living as far away as London, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney join us. Amongst our year group was a vet, hairdressers, business owners, health professionals, lawyers, professional photographers, teachers, counsellors, parents and a wide variety of corporate professionals, including workers in consultancy, human resources, and finance.

A lot of memories were stirred in the Craven Wing of practices for our 3rd form musicals, our 6th form common room – once a library now a classroom, and of course, the much loved former site of Hobson House. Familiar and fond sights included the statue on the front lawn, the haunted Tower Block, and the House flags standing at the entrance to assembly. A real highlight was seeing a large piece of artwork by Rachel Burr from our year still on display.  

What reunion would be complete without yearbooks, school uniforms, a photo montage, and a quiz to test the memories! There is still some debate about what time school started in the 1990s!

What bonded us initially was time spent together inside and outside the classroom at Queen Margaret College, and the amazing opportunities we were provided during that time. I was reminded of just how busy our school years were!  What struck me when we reunited two decades later is what a talented bunch of articulate, passionate, interested and interesting woman we have become. Our group delighted in hearing of the successes of each other and were so supportive and encouraging of each other. It was amazing how quickly our bonds were re-established.

We are looking forward to catching up again at the QMC centenary and feel confident there will be just as much laughter, if maybe a little less wine. We are grateful to the school for allowing us access for a tour on Good Friday, and thank you to Georgia Dry (nee Turner) for arranging this.