Queen Margaret College recognises the value of physical and mental development of students by providing curriculum based learning experiences outside the classroom through the EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) programme.

Students have the opportunity to experience EOTC in every year of their schooling, from field trips through to multiday and challenging camps.

Junior School: Each year, Year 1–5 students participate in a range of activities outside the classroom. In alternate years, the girls go to a school camp, spending one night (Year 1–3) or two nights (Year 4 and 5) away. Annually Year 6 students participate in a four day camp.

Year 7: Teapot Valley Camp, Nelson.

Year 8: An exploration of Wellington with physical and mental challenges.

Year 9: A marae experience.

Year 10: Preparation for the Year 11 Abel Tasman camp, including an overnight trek.

Year 11: The Abel Tasman Track, with its stunning vistas, golden sandy beaches, forest and birdlife, is an experience where students discover the meaning of resilience.

Year 12: The Wairarapa Experience is a chance for students to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Year 13: At the Leadership Conference Camp, Year 13 students learn the skills they will put into practice as a senior student throughout the year.