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Sports Director

Deslea Wrathall has played internationally for New Zealand Softball, Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) and New Zealand Touch Football. She counts winning the World Championships in Softball and World Championships in Touch Football as two of her greatest sporting achievements. She was also named in a World Touch Team.

Deslea has coached the New Zealand Tall Blacks (NZ U19 Boys), BBNZ Under 18 Boys, BBNZ Under 16 Girls and has been mentor coach for the BBNZ U17 Boys and Girls and the FIBA (Basketball International Federation) Oceania Under 19 Girls. Deslea has also been the New Zealand Maori Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Assistant Coach to the Wellington Saints and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the New Zealand Breakers.

In 2014 she received an international Olympic Basketball Coaching Scholarship, of which only seven were given around the world for Basketball. As part of the Scholarship, Deslea went to the University of North Carolina to work with two Hall of Fame coaches to gain an international coaching certificate. She also head coached at the prestigious Albert Schweitzer U18 tournament in Germany with the Junior Tall Blacks and was the first and only female Head Coach in the 50 years the tournament had run.

New Zealand Representatives / Title Holders 2015

Jessica Kaiser: Fencing
Avia Murray: Waterpolo
Emma Stewart: Triathlon
Matisse Uluilelata: Surf Life Saving
Phoebe van Boheemen: Road Race

Sports Representatives

Wellington Representatives: Middle

Claudia Adamson: Hockey
Tiuana-Marie Aiono: Basketball, Netball
Prajna Baskar: Triathlon
Alexa Broadley: Cricket
Emma Brokenshire: Hockey
Ella Craig: Netball
Jourdan Craig: Tennis
Lucy Crawford: Gymnastics
Sophia Hitchins: Aquathlon
Charlotte Humphries: Cross Country
Jessica Kaiser: Fencing
Sharon Kennedy: Netball
Paris Lokotui: Netball, Basketball, Waterpolo
Orianne Macadre: Hockey
Ivy McLean: Tennis
Grace Mellsop: Cross Country
Tallulah Nemet-Sargent: Football
Molly Newton Smith: Football
Chloe Nicholson: Hockey
Grace Olsen: Hockey
Ilena Shadbolt: Athletics
Lucy Sladden: Football
Madeline Stewart: Karting
Amelia Taylor: Cycling
Zara van der Wilt: Hockey

Wellington Representatives: Senior

Hannah Chapman: Cheerleading
Sarah Christie: Underwater Hockey
Kenzy Cooper: Football
Emma Greer: Skating
Zoe Greer: Skating
Sophie Lawler: Underwater Hockey
Estelle Macadre: Hockey
Alexandra MacLeod-Watts: Underwater Hockey
Ashlee Maguire: Gymnastics
Grace McLean: Tennis
Avia Murray: Waterpolo
Emily Patterson: Underwater Hockey
Antonina Smolnicki: Rowing
Ashleigh Stewart: Karting
Emma Stewart: Triathlon
Matisse Uluilelata: Surf Life Saving, Hockey
Phoebe van Boheemen: Athletics, Cross Country/Road Race 

Team Successes


Winners of Division 2: QMC 1
Third in the Collegiate 1D Grade: QMC 2
Third in the Collegiate 2D Grade: QMC 4
Winners of the Collegiate 3A Grade: QMC 5
Second in the Collegiate 4A Grade: QMC 8
Winners of the Collegiate 5C Grade: QMC 11
Third in the Intermediate A1 Grade: QMC Red
Winners of the Intermediate A2 Grade: QMC Blue
Second in the Intermediate B1 Grade: QMC Green
Second in the Intermediate B2 Grade: QMC Black
Second in the Intermediate C2 Grade: QMC Purple
Winners of the 6D Grade: QMC Jade
Second in the McDonald’s Netball Tournament: QMC Red


Winners of the Audrey Timlin Memorial Tournament: QMC 1
Third in the Wellington Hockey Reserve 1: QMC 2


Winners of the College Sport Wellington Premier Grade: QMC 1
Second in the National Secondary School Floorball Championships: QMC 1

Mini Ball

Second in Division 6: Year 5 Blue Stormers
Second in Division 4: Year 6 Blue Rockets


Year 7 and 8 Division 3 Intermediate Basketball Competition Winners: Year 7 and 8 Blue

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey Alexander Shield Winners: QMC Gold
Junior Underwater Hockey Mini-League Winners: Year 7 and 8 QMC Blue


Second in the B Grade Waterpolo Competition: QMC Year 7 and 8 Red Team


Winners of the College Sport Wellington Premier Grade: QMC 1
Pryde Cup Winners: Charlotte van Boheemen, Grace McLean and Ivy McLean.
College Sport Wellington Tennis Doubles Championship Winners: Ivy McLean and Grace McLean


Winners of the College Sport Wellington Premier Grade: QMC team 

We offer the following sports:

Tennis- Years 9 and 10 only

Junior School  Middle School   Senior School 
Badminton Athletics Athletics
Cross Country       Badminton Badminton
Flippaball Basketball Basketball
Floorball Cross Country/Road Racing Cross Country/Road Racing
Hockey Floorball Dragon Boating - Years 12 and 13 only
Miniball Football - Years 9 and 10 only Football
Netball Futsal - Years 9 and 10 only Futsal
Tennis Coaching Handball - Years 9 and 10 only Handball
Touch Rugby Hockey Hockey
UWH Minileague Netball Netball
  Rowing - Years 9 and 10 only Rowing
  Skiing Skiing
  Tennis- Years 9 and 10 only Tennis
  Tennis Coaching- Years 7 and 8 only Touch Rugby
  Touch Rugby Triathlon
  Triathlon Underwater Hockey
  Underwater Hockey- Years 9 and 10 only Volleyball
  Underwater Hockey Minileague - Years 7 and 8 only Waterpolo
  Volleyball - Years 9 and 10 only  

We also run Athletics and Swimming as part of the school curriculum and our girls compete in the competetions run by these codes. We also support ski teams and an equestrian team in their events. Many of our girls excel in other sports such as gymnastics, karate and cycling and we celebrate their achievements.