IB Diploma Award Ceremony

In 2012, 445 New Zealand students from 11 schools around New Zealand completed their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma;

13% of them achieved in the top 6% worldwide.

To acknowledge these world-class results, 60 of New Zealand’s top IB students were invited to Government House in Auckland for the IB Schools of New Zealand Top Scholars’ Awards Ceremony on Wednesday night.

The 445 students who completed the IB Diploma in New Zealand last year represented less than 1% of the participants worldwide. However, this small group has made its mark, producing impressive results in the demanding two-year programme.

"Our 97% pass rate is the second highest in the Asia Pacific region and the collective national average was amongst the highest ranked worldwide. Not only that, but in 2012, New Zealand has produced more than twice as many Top Scholars as the world average." said Chair of International Baccalaureate Heads Caucus and Kristin School Executive Principal, Peter Clague.

To achieve the title of an IB Top Scholar, graduates must achieve a score of at least 40 points; a feat achieved by just 6% of the world’s IB students and 13% of New Zealand’s candidates in 2012.

"We are extremely proud that our IB schools throughout the country are consistently producing such high calibre graduates and that New Zealand students are doing so well in what is a rigorous, internationally renowned qualification," said Mr Clague.

The IB Top Scholars’ Awards Ceremony, hosted by His Excellency, Lieutenant General the Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae, Governor General of New Zealand and attended by top IB Diploma students, their families, IB Heads Caucus of NZ and academic dignitaries from throughout the country, recognised the success of these students and the recent growth of the IB in New Zealand.

The IB Diploma is considerably more than a prestigious academic qualification. Part of the reason that the Diploma is so highly regarded around the world is that to attain it, a young person not only needs to be an excellent scholar, they must also embrace a shared global philosophy.

New Zealand’s IB Top Scholars have not only excelled at the highest level of academic endeavour, they are also ambassadors for a more positive future. Following in the traditions of the past two decades of IB graduates from New Zealand, this year’s award recipients are set to go on to further their studies in some of the world’s leading universities.

New Zealand Schools offering the IB Diploma programme in 2013 include Auckland International College, Diocesan School for Girls, John McGlashan College, Kristin School, Nga Tawa Diocesan School, Queen Margaret College, Saint Kentigern College, Scots College, St Cuthbert’s College, St Margaret’s College, St Peter’s School Cambridge and Takapuna Grammar School.

The IB Diploma Top Scholars’ Awards Ceremony has been made possible thanks to the support of Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.

Congratulations to New Zealand’s IB Top Scholars:

Auckland International College:

Jia Wen Choo (45), Phillip Zhang (45), Haram Choi (43), Hoai Phuoc Truong (43), Ling-Ting Shang (42), Arun Chockalingam Shanmuganathan (42), Luona Cai (42) Hongzhu Chen (42), Peishan Jiang (42), Yumeng Cao (41), JuYoung Jung (41), Sangzi Shi (40), Pongsakorn Siripornpitak (40), Tuong Pho Bui (40), Kirsten Rose Carlaw (40), Ji Ho Choi (40), Karen Zhau Yang (40)

Diocesan School for Girls:

Kerry Mackereth (44), Madeleine Barber-Wilson (40), Brooke Healey (40)

Kristin School:

James Allen (44), Kelly Su (44), Tina Li (43), Verity Johnson (42), Nicola Kluger (42), Ji Park (42), Bobby Yang (42), Aaron Zhao (42), Andrew Alder (41), Victoria Brownlee (41), Joel Granger (41), Alice Harford (41), Jocelyn Ho (41), Clara Kim (41), Francesco Kook (41), Kimberley Leece (41), Anna Ling (41), Joon Min Park (41), Thomas van Schaik (41), Matthew Bartlett (40), Elise Beavis (40), Poppy Smithers (40)

Queen Margaret College:

Lydia Hingston (42), Sarah Novak (40)

Saint Kentigern College:

Joe Lu (44), Lorenz Bartsch (43), Samuel Gilmour (43), Nicole Tan (41)

Scots College:

Benjamin Guerin (41), Michael Moore-Jones (40)

St Cuthbert’s College:

Jessy Wu (42), Brittany Couper (40), Helen Zhao (40)

St Margaret’s College:

Casey Carsel (43), Lauren Tyler-Harwood (41), Katherine Grayson (40), Caroline Coates (40)

St Peter’s School Cambridge:

Cora Liu (43), Alexander Nathan (42)