Helpful Information and Contacts


Queen Margaret College’s office hours are 8.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Our friendly office staff are always willing to help.

Mail and telephone

Queen Margaret College
PO Box 12-274
Wellington 6144
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 4 473 7160


If a student is absent through illness or another reason, her parent/guardian is to ring or email the College answer phone in the morning(s) before 8.45am.

Phone: 0064 4 495 9182

A note may be requested if parents cannot be contacted on the day of the absence.

If a student feels ill during the day, she must see the School Nurse (who is also the Attendance Registrar). The Nurse will contact the caregiver and ensure that the student signs out at Reception before she goes home.

Unless the student has prior approval, no student is to leave school or phone her parents to collect her without permission from the School Nurse.

If a student has a doctor or dentist appointment, she must bring a note from a parent to the Form Teacher. The Form Teacher signs the note which the student must present to the Reception when she signs out.

Other absence requests, e.g. half day, go via the Form Teacher to the Dean who may discuss with the Head of School.

For anticipated absences of one day, or more, prior written approval must be obtained from the Principal by the parents. If approval is given, this will be confirmed by letter or email from the Principal.


If a student is late to Period 1, she must report to Reception before going to class. She must only be admitted to class with a late slip from Reception.

Data Office

The data office ensures all information about our students and their families is up to date and correct. It is imperative that all caregiver information is kept up to date on our database. If you have moved, switched emails or place of work, please email

IT and Laptop Information

The College IT Office is open daily from 8.00am – 4.00pm.

Assuming that the laptop has met the requirements provided and has not had its default connection settings altered, the school’s ICT centre will able to provide an internet connection. This will include a printing service via the internet.

While our technical staff will endeavour to support students with any connection issues, they cannot perform hardware repairs to students’ laptops. The same applies to trouble-shooting software issues due to neglect.


QMC Approved Laptops

Approved Laptops can be purchased via
Select Queen Margaret College from the dropdown menu and type in the following:

Password: QMC2017

1:1 Laptop Information 2018

i5 Processor (minimum), 8 gigs of Ram (absolute minimum).

Operating System – Windows 10 or Mac

Not suitable: Chromebooks, Tablet Devices (such as iPads and Android tablets), and laptops with eMMC storage.

Must have a battery life which is sustainable for the whole school day (five to six hours). This is crucial for Occupational Health and Safety purposes, as we do not allow laptop chargers in the classroom.

Students MUST have administrator rights. This enables students to download and install subject specific software in class under the guidance of her teacher (such as, MuseScore, Notepad++, Lego Mindstorm etc.).

Full (non trial) anti-virus eg, AVG FREE. If a student laptop does not have suitable anti-virus/ anti-malware software installed they will not be connected to the network. (Does not apply to Apple Macs)

Note: Tablet devices such as iPads without a full operating system are not suitable as there are limitations regarding their suitability in certain subjects, eg:, Digital Technology, or Mathematics and Science which require spreadsheet software.

Key Responsibilities of the Student
Your daughter must bring her laptop to school every day, ready to use with a fully charged battery. The school does not provide charging stations for laptops so this is imperative.

Updates: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all updates are applied to key software programmes, i.e, MS Office.

Backing Up: It is the student’s responsibility to maintain the health of OneDrive.

Start of Year Set-Up Time
An email will go out late January detailing your daughters logon information and access to software downloads from our download portal. There will also be a day allocated before school starts for students to come in if they have any IT issues. At the start of the year there will still be laptop ‘set up’ sessions where all new students will activate their e-folio, and OneDrive as well as setting up their subject folders and running through the basics of computer usage, care and management. Internet safety and ethics will be covered at the outset, and other aspects of digital citizenship will be addressed over the course of the year.

This is the responsibility of parents and they should ensure that their daughter’s laptop is covered under their own home insurance arrangements. All students must bring their own padlock. All students and parents will be required to read and sign the College’s Network Acceptable Usage Policy upon enrolment.

Web Safety: E-learning blog

IT User Agreement

Health Centre

The College has a registered nurse and a guidance counsellor who are located in the Craven Wing opposite C1.

Students can see the Nurse at any time between 8.30am and 3.30pm. Their class teacher must give permission.

The Guidance Counsellor is available to all students who may want to speak to someone when they need support or just want to talk something through. Students are able to contact our Guidance Counsellor for an appointment via email:, or text message: 022 622 3282. Meeting with the Guidance Counsellor is free, and appointments are made during school hours. Click here for more information about Guidance Counselling at QMC.

The Nurse (also the Attendance Registrar) checks the absences for the College and if a student goes home during the day, notifies the appropriate Form Teacher.

Contact: Nurse: and Guidance Counsellor:

Lost Property

This is taken to the School Nurse. She will advertise both lost and found items in the Daily Notices. Lost Property can be collected from the Health Centre. Unnamed clothing items will only be kept in Lost Property for one month.

Parents can enquire about any missing items by emailing:

College Policies

Below you will find a downloadable PDF of our College Policies

College Policies: Click to Download

Queen Margaret College Language Policy: Click to Download

IB Policies: Click to Download