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Future Leaders

Our aspiring future leaders took on the Massey University Young Women in Leadership Programme this year.

Eight senior students were selected for the programme, which began with a full day leadership workshop at Massey University in March.

The students were split into groups and discussed what leadership means and the different types of leaders.

Laura says one of the highlights of the day was listening to the guest speakers’ amazing stories, including the struggles they faced and how they overcame them.

“We heard from a number of guest speakers from different fields of work. One of the speakers was the first female dog handler in New Zealand,” she says.

At the end of the workshop, the groups decided on an eight week leadership project of their own in which they could enhance their community.

Laura’s group came up with a university food bag to address the need for a more affordable and healthy option for university students.

“We aimed to do this by creating a food bag that would provide university students with a weeks’ worth of dinners and breakfast,” Laura says.

“As well as making a food bag, our group decided to create a social media page providing information about how properly fuel your body for a cheaper price.”

Clara’s group reached out to St Anne’s School in Newtown, who have a number of students for whom English is a second language.

“We met the school’s principal, Doreen O’Sullivan and learnt the school really needed a new literacy resource known as an SRA reading laboratory,” Clara says.

“At around $1300, St Anne’s were not in the position to buy a new SRA reading resource without support. We decided that our fundraising efforts would be best put towards the SRA reading laboratory.”

On Sunday 7 May, they hosted a movie fundraiser Night at the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn.

“We were also lucky enough to receive sponsorship from New World Miramar, which allowed us to put together goodie bags for our guests,” Clara says.

“We were very pleased with the outcome, as we raised $900 from both donations and ticket profit and the reading laboratory will hopefully arrive within the next few weeks.

“This experience taught us to embrace challenges, adapt to change, and when things go wrong, just take it in your stride.”