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Learning Outside the Classroom

From the visual arts to physical education, Queen Margaret Pre-School offers children a variety of learning experiences.

A popular activity for the children at Queen Margaret Pre-School is the weekly physical education session taken in the College Gymnasium.

Head of Pre-School Emily Domican says the teachers focus on different skills and techniques the children can develop and strengthen each week.

“We set up different activities, working towards strengthening and developing different skills including, but not limited to, balancing, climbing, ball control, jumping and landing, space awareness (over and under), hand eye coordination and building confidence in controlling their bodies and learning their limits,” Emily says.

The sessions are also invaluable in helping the children build confidence within themselves.

Recently the children have been developing their motor skills using the balance beam, obstacles and a mini climbing frame.

In addition to these gym sessions, Queen Margaret Pre-School children also take specialist art classes with an experienced visual arts teacher and make regular visits to the onsite library.