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Language is Beautiful

QMC was a flurry of colours, music and language when the school celebrated International Languages Week in Term 2.

The Languages Department organised a variety of activities for students and staff alike to celebrate the different languages spoken throughout the College.

The week started off with music, dance and dramatic performance in Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish.

On Wednesday, students were treated to dumplings, sushi, crepes and Chilean empanadas at the International Food Day Languages Fair.

The following day, the Languages Department hosted a lunchtime arts and crafts session, which included traditional Chinese calligraphy, Japanese origami, Spanish fans and construction of a French Eiffel Tower.

On Friday, students and staff came to school dressed in traditional (or untraditional) outfits from their culture and took part in a parade with the entire school.

From leprechauns to vikings, a wide range of cultures were represented at the International Languages Assembly.

International Prefect Sonesavanh Phouphayly gave a powerful speech about the beauty of language, drawing on her own experiences growing up bilingual.

“Language is beautiful. When you hear someone speaking in a different language, do you ever just stop and stand there, and be in awe about how incredible our world is? And how diverse we all are? Language is important. Language is power. Language is everything. It is capable of moving people, convincing, making people feel a whole range of emotions… Sometimes ones we don’t even want to feel. We can never truly be without communicating through some form of language. Without it, where would we be? Without language, who would we be?”