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Designs on display across the city

Isabella Moon, design

Three Queen Margaret College students have had their hard work in class recognised and put on display around Wellington.

Sophia Crestani, Samara Harvey Lawn and Isabella Moon worked on their projects for most of the year as part of NCEA Level 3 Materials Technology at the College.

Sophia’s work was to be displayed as part of a project for the centenary of the Passchendaele campaign in the Hall of Memories at the National War Memorial.

Her design, named “The Fallen”, was created to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele.

“I wanted to make something paying tribute to the number of lives lost at the battle, as it was the greatest Kiwi lives lost at any one time in our history.  The bodice was inspired to represent the nature that was in Passchendaele but was destroyed by the war and is no longer there,” she says.

Samara and Isabella’s work is displayed in the front windows of the Te Papa store for the citywide celebrations of the World of Wearable Arts Awards.

The pair were given the themes of Earth and Sea.

Samara’s outfit is called “Volcano”.

“I’ve taken inspiration from a volcanic clay bowl from the Te Papa online collection. I was also inspired by my theme of ‘Earth’, and finding images of volcanos and magma during the research stage. I was largely inspired by the colours of the images,” she says.

Isabella’s design is called “Double Denim” and she worked towards the theme of “Sea.”

“I went into the project knowing that I wanted it to involve sustainability, which led to me using recycled jeans for the flounces,” she says.

The trio say they are proud of what they have achieved and to see their work in the public eye.

“Having my garment on show in the Te Papa Store window display, is an extremely huge opportunity to have my work exposed to the public. It is amazing and hugely rewarding to know that all the hard work and time put into the garment has paid off,” Samara says.

“I feel proud of what I have accomplished and the good that it will do to the Earth in not being wasteful. It is amazing having this opportunity to have it displayed in such a public area as Te Papa, allowing my friends and family to see it,” Isabella adds.