Welcome to 2013

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a relaxing break. Many of you will have been overseas or at the beach these holidays and most of you will have spent time with family and friends. Wherever you have been, I do hope, that like me, you are refreshed and excited by the challenges of the New Year and by the possibilities it holds for all of us. To those families who are joining us in 2013, may your association with the College be a happy and fulfilling experience.

Last year was very full and successful and this year promises to be just as rewarding and rich for us all. In the first term alone we have Prefects and House Leaders Commissioning Ceremonies, camps, Athletics and Swimming Sports, the French exchange and the joint Queen Margaret and Scots production of Annie. Just after Easter, the Hobson Development will be opened.


The 2012 examination results have been published so I am able to give you an overview of the girls’ performance in both of the College’s qualification pathways, NCEA and the IB Diploma. Because of our dual qualification pathway, a comparison of the College’s Level 2 and 3 results with other schools offering only the NCEA is difficult as is a longitudinal comparison of the College’s results over the years.

2012 IB Diploma

Thirty eight girls sat the Diploma this year. Congratulations to Lydia Hingston for gaining the outstanding score of 42 and Sarah Novak, 40, the maximum mark being 45. Other high marks gained were 2 at 39 and 2 at 38. Twenty QMC girls gained full marks of 7 in a range of subjects: SL English, HL Film, HL Biology, AB Spanish, HL Visual Arts, HL Chemistry, SL Mathematics, SL Mathematical Studies, HL French, HL Theatre, HL Business and Management, SL & HL Physics. Six students received A passes in their extended essays in the subjects: English, French, History, Theatre and Visual Arts.

The QMC mean score was 33.5 (*World mean in 2010 was 30). HL= higher Level; SL= Standard Level

The IB Diploma is marked on a world-wide scale, where each subject is graded from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest possible score) for all six subjects. Marks are also allocated for the 4000 word Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. Students must get a total of 24 points and fulfil other criteria in order to receive the IB Diploma. The marks are internationally moderated so that the same standards apply throughout the world.

*Source: The IB Diploma Programme Statistical Bulletin

2012 NCEA

NCEA results have just been received. Initial results are: 

  % passing NCEA Level Certificate

% endorsed with Excellence

% endorsed with Merit
Year 11 (Level 1) 98.8% 43.9% 43.9%
Year 12 (Level 2) 100% 16.7% 63.9%
Year 13 (Level 3) 97% 18.2% 51.5%

2011 results were:

  % passing NCEA Level Certificate

% endorsed with Excellence

% endorsed with Merit
Year 11 (Level 1) 100% 31.9% 56.9%
Year 12 (Level 2) 90.3% 21.4% 60.7%
Year 13 (Level 3) 91.2% 6.5% 48.4%

Coming up are the Year Level Parent meetings. These all begin at 6.30pm with drinks in the Atrium, providing an opportunity for you to mix and mingle with teachers and parents of your daughter’s classmates. At 7.00pm there will be a presentation, Introducing 2013, where you will be given an overview of the year by staff. I look forward to meeting you at this event.

Kind Regards

Carol Craymer