Uniform Review

Mid-term, I advised you that the school was reviewing the College uniform requirements. Any changes made had to maintain the high quality of the current uniform and be cost neutral or less expensive.

Uniform changes are always fraught with differing opinions and challenges. The survey of parental and student opinion undertaken in term two provided useful information which assisted the team working on this project.

Now that the review is finished, I am delighted to show you the new design. The aim of these changes is: 

  • to modernise and refine the look
  • to keep what is working well
  • to tweak the elements where improvements could be made and
  • to provide greater cohesion between the three schools while still maintaining individuality between levels and distinction.

It is proposed to start the implementation of any changes in 2015 phasing it in over a number of years as girls move through the different stages of the school. To learn more about the proposed changes and provide feedback, click here

On display in the Old Hall, the Junior School reception area and the Uniform Shop are design boards showing the proposed uniform changes. Do check these out when you are next in the school. I would value your feedback on what has been proposed.