Art and Auctions

There was a great turnout for the Years 7-13 student art exhibition held on Sunday. This showcase for the Visual Arts at the College is an annual event and, because we monitor this, each year the numbers attending have increased. The standard of artwork presented using a wide range of media was superb. In addition, there was a colourful display of Pre-School paintings. My thanks go to the Art Department and HOD, Paulette Pavelich, for organising this event. Some of the artwork was gifted to the school by the girls to be used as a fundraiser and I thank them for their generosity.. Some student art is also being sold online as part of the QMC Foundation Trade Me Auction which began on Sunday with all profits going to the Hobson Development.

A number of visitors took the opportunity on Sunday to have a closer look at the building project which is rapidly taking shape. The Hobson Development is now fully enclosed with interior walls in place. The senior teaching staff who were able to tour the building last week commented on the size of the gymnasium (you could fit our current gym three times into this space) , the light classrooms and the wide corridors.

IB Diploma examinations are underway and NCEA externals begin next week so all Year 11 and 13 girls and Year 12 NCEA girls are now on leave. All the best to those students sitting exams including our Year 10 girls.

The Year 12 IBD girls remain at school and for the last three days have all been working solely on their Group 4 Science Project. (It is compulsory to study a science discipline as part of the IB Diploma). I was privileged to see some of these students present their findings to a panel of science teachers. Clearly, they had enjoyed the opportunity to undertake an authentic investigation as a group and the quality and delivery of their material was very impressive.

In the picture above are the girls who joined the Preps class this term. It is a tradition that when girls first step into the Junior School they are given a blue puppy, our school mascot. I was delighted to present the girls with a QMC puppy at a Junior Assembly this week and to meet with their parents.

Kind Regards

Carol Craymer