To those of you who are fast adopters, you will by now have downloaded the new QMC App and will appreciate how this clever piece of software will improve communications at the College.

Communicating with you is important to us and we are always looking at how we can improve the experience. This is why we are introducing a news@qmc lite edition to go out every other Friday. Our intention is to communicate with you solely through the QMC App,
MyQMC, news@qmc and news@qmc lite, which will see an end to extra emails coming through to you.

This means it is vital that you take the time to click through to the area of the College that relates to your daughter (Pre-School, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School) when you receive either of the news@qmc editions.

Just a reminder that the Board has published a new strategic plan. This document sets the strategic direction for the College as we head towards the centenary in 2019, and foreshadows exciting developments in our educational offering. Momentum plus has
been posted on the website with paper copies placed in reception.

Finally, bravo to Year 8 for winning QUOTS and bringing home the trophy.

Kind Regards

Carol Craymer