ERO Report 2015

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Every three years, the Education Reviewers (ERO) inspect independent schools to check that the expected standards for a private school are being met. Their findings were highly positive and affirming of the strategic direction of the College and the high quality of our educational offering. Below are some extracts from their report:

The curriculum is guided by a clear vision focused on promoting passionate learners, resilient women and future leaders within an inclusive Christian environment. Key learning outcomes of the IB programmes, such as inquiry, communication, reflection and caring behaviours are evident throughout the school.

The foundations for successful learning which are established in the early years and extended throughout the middle school contribute to a highly effective curriculum. Virtually all school leavers achieve university entrance. Many students gain excellence and merit endorsements in NCEA. In 2014, 13 New Zealand Scholarships Awards were achieved. Since 2011 all IB Diploma candidates have gained the qualification, with many receiving high scores.

A range of teaching strategies and conditions contribute to high levels of student engagement and support students to understand, and take responsibility for, their learning. A high proportion of students are involved in the many opportunities available for leadership, performance and sporting activities. Respectful and positive interactions between teachers and students are evident.

The full report is published on the ERO website (Click to View) and available to you and the general public.